About The Programme :-
The Main Objective of this project is to have an online system to (Publish Training Calendars, Accepting nominations, capturing attendance) monitor all the training programs being conducted through IEG for MeeSeva Education and Training Program. In Meeseva, day-by-day new services are adding, to deliver these services to the citizens in a proper way trainings are needed to the Kiosk operators and department officials. As a part of the Meeseva education and training Program Meeseva is providing different types of trainings to the Kiosk operators and Department officials. The main objective of the MeeSeva Education program is to conduct the regular training programs on the existing MeeSeva services as well as the new services added from time to time.
Class Room Training :-
It is learning about the newly introduced Services by the kiosk operators and Dept officials. Trainer can also be referred to as a facilitator, who may be knowledgeable and experienced in the learning Services. The Department officials and kiosk operators involve in this training program. Through this Class Room Training trainees gain some theoretical knowledge about the services.
Hands on Training :-
Hands on training involving practical experience of Meeseva Services. The trainees Involves active participation. It is just like a practical session on the training program like how to submit the request in Meeseva by Kiosk operators and how to process the request by Department officials.
Training through Video Conference :-
The training through the video Conference is conducted for Master trainers. The Department officials will provide valuable suggestion on the specific services and through this video conference more issues will be address and resolve. By using this method of training lot of time and money will be saved for the stake holders.
ManaTV Live :-
Through the ManaTV live, the newly introduced Meeseva Services training will deliver with Department officials (Domain Experts) and Meeseva Development team. The kiosk operators watch the program by live broadcasting. After the live training program completed the kiosk operators or Department officials can raise their doubts through telephone in question and answer section.